Angular vs. React - A Brief Comparison

5 years ago

I was an early adopter of Angular, but am now using React as my primary front-end framework. This is attempt to provide a concise comparison that is hopefully not too unbiased. Both are excellent frameworks and you can accomplish anything you want with either one. Both require discipline to use properly.

Angular React
Very large Very small
Prescriptive Open
All-encompassing Requires other libraries
Less popular More popular
Strong focus on TypeScript Focus on standard ES, though TypeScript capable.
Google Facebook
Typically harder learning curve Easy to learn
Excellent style guide built into the documentation. BYOSG, Airbnb and Khan are good starting points.
Completely different framework from version 1.0 and 2.0+ Mostly backwards compatible from 0.x to 16.x
NativeScript for mobile react-native for mobile

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